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Annika Katerina Tesio

Hi, I'm Annika and I'm studying CN in CIMeC.

I want to run as a representative because I believe that a difference can be made.
We are not "only" student but an active part of the people that live inside the university, and as them we are allowed to express our opinions and needs.
I hope that I will be able to be the bridge between us students and others, so that the experience of University of Trento will be remembered as a special moment, and not only a bunch of years in which you have studied.
We hear a lot of people saying that the university years were among the best ever.
I hope that also we will be able to say so.

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Dimitrios Stoupis

I am Dimitris Stoupis, a Physics graduate from Greece.

I was always involved in some organizational aspects in almost every team or school I have been in the past and this is no exception. I am delighted to be studying at CIMeC and I wanna help, to the extent possible, bring the student and professor community together, breaking the ice that usually exists. Additionally, with the help of my colleagues I would like to create a continuously improving community through regular feedback and transparent actionable items after each period. All in all, I (we) would love to hear your comments/complaints/suggestions to create an inclusive and thriving UniTN society!

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Edoardo Sebastiano De Duro

I'm Edoardo De Duro and I'm currenty attending the first year as a master student at CIMeC.

Since I'd like to represent many international students I won't tell where I come from, also probably nobody would care.

Besides that, what I wish to say is that I decided to stand as a student representative for UNITiN because I want to put all my experience acquired in the last years in Rovereto to make our department a better place. I graduated this summer in STPC and I know that Rovereto has an amazing potential. I truly believe that creating a community in which everyone feels involved is possible and I want to promote this in first person.

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Filippo Merlo

Hi, my name is Filippo Merlo and I am a first-year student in the master's program in Cognitive Science at CIMeC in Rovereto.
Before coming to Trento, I was a Psychology student at the University of Padua and an Erasmus+ student in Warsaw, Poland.
Since I started my university journey 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to study, live and grow in a university environment that was attentive to what were the needs and demands of students.
In which studying was not the simple delivery of well-packaged notions but where mutual interaction among students and between students and the academy allowed new opportunities to arise.
Where the purposefulness and initiative of students were not ignored but nurtured.
Where every major change was welcomed with flexibility and the capacity for reorganization to meet the new challenges that accompanied it.
Where diversity was not only accepted but understood as a chance to get in touch with new perspectives from which to generate fresh ideas and a dynamic and up-to-date environment.
In which students were not just visitors but had the opportunity to take the responsibility of shaping their own places.
All this is not born out of a vacuum; it is the result of the efforts of students who wanted a university like this and worked to build it together. I think I was lucky to receive it like this. This year I decided to apply as a student representative to help make it so.

Maria Ivanova Gyurovska

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